Founded in 2013, Checkmate Apparel is a Canadian (Montreal) based brand. It started off as solely a headwear label that was mostly known for its AFRICAN snapback hat. It wasn't  until late 2016, when the founder decided to expand in to a full menswear label.

 The brand is mainly inspired by the African Diaspora, its capability to adapt to any society and culture in the world and educate others on its own culture. Checkmate Apparel strives to illustrate the beauty of the "Melting Pot" metaphor in ready-to-wear garments.

All of Checkmate Apparel's pieces have a familiar look that most of the Western world is accustomed to. They also have that ethnic touch that changes everything.The quality of the products meets and exceeds the Occident's fashion standards. Being designed by Africans enriches the pieces with brilliant colours and profound meaning.